New Interpretive Center Project

The Friends of Devil’s Lake State Park, in conjunction with the Devil’s Lake Concession Board and oversight by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, are proposing to develop a new Multi-Use Educational, Interpretive and Outdoor Recreation Center at Devil’s Lake State Park.

A listing of events (to date and future) is provided below.

A detailed description of the process is provided in the pdf file below the event list.

Events to Date

June 1, 2018                       RFQ for Interpretive Center issued by FODL

July 9, 2018                        Due date for RFQ applications, 9 received

July & August 2018           WDNR, FODL Board, DLCC evaluated RFQ applications

Late August 2018             GWWO Architects chosen by WDNR, FODL Board, DLCC for site analysis and evaluation

Early October 2018          GWWO Architects held initial meeting with WDNR, FODL Board, DLCC, & begins work

November 14, 2018         GWWO Architects met with WDNR, FODL Board, DLCC about preliminary findings

December 12, 2018          WDNR held meeting with FODL membership

Anticipated Future Events

January 2019                     WDNR, FODL Board, DLCC to meet with GWWO Architects about draft report

Mid 1st Qtr 2019               WDNR, FODL Board, DLCC to meet with stakeholder organizations

Late 1st Qtr 2019              WDNR, FODL, DLCC to hold information meeting for the general public

Early 2nd Qtr 2019           GWWO Architects to meet with WDNR, FODL Board, DLCC about final report

Mid 2nd Qtr 2019             WDNR, FODL, DLCC to issue final GWWO Architects report, with site and schematic

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